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MECA, marriage enrichment

Pre-Marital Counseling

This is the time to evaluate and confirm or make a decision to marry so you can move forward with confidence. At MECA, we provide a “marriage toolbox” to build a strong foundation for your marriage.

MECA, marriage enrichment

Marriage Enrichment

Invest in your marriage to keep it strong and healthy. For example, if you don’t work out your muscles, they become weak and fragile. The same thing can happen to a relationship if you don't focus on the strengths and weaknesses.

MECA, marriage enrichment

Family Counseling

MECA not only works on relationships, but families too. Families are society’s most important relational structure. Here we learn about ourselves, about others, and about how the world works.

About us

Steven D. Monaghan, MDiv PhD

I have been a marriage and family therapist for over 24 years. With a Master in Divinity, a concentration in Pastoral Counseling, and a PhD in Theology, a concentration in Marriage and Family counseling. I see couples and individuals with a focus on "divorce proofing" their marriage. Married with a blended family of seven children, both my wife and I manage an active schedule with strong focus on our faith, each other, and our children. My primary focus covers the areas of care provider supervision, marriage enhancement programming, and engagement/pre marriage preparation.

Incorporating both faith and clinical therapy, this blend is a proven approach to a desperately needed counseling industry. Over the most recent 8 years, 934 couples have been seen by Dr Monaghan. Of that, only 12 couples have divorced.

The Marriage Enrichment Centers of America (MECA) is a Michigan based company that is inspired to change how society views and invests in relationships. Investing your time doesn't mean your relationship is in trouble, it indicates you care enough about your spouse, yourself and your marriage to make it great.

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